Friday, 15 June 2018

What's new with you?

I'm hoping that as I start typing, things will start to unravel and form some sort of sense. I'm counting on it, but I'm not sure how confident I feel in my ability to string a sentence together. Here goes...

Man, things have been crazy. I've just finished my GCSEs, which I am so,so grateful to be over. I've been sitting mocks since I started year eleven in September, and have gotten used to spending any free time doing revision. I've gotten to the point where I've almost forgotten what I like doing haha. I had routine, and it worked. It's strange breaking it, but it's also one of the most liberating things in the world. It's crazy to be able to do things without worrying about many equations I can remember. I like it a lot. 

Things have been so hectic that I can't even remember if I told you that I'm starting an apprenticeship in August. I applied in January and was offered training at a travel agent after two interviews. I'm very excited but also a little scared. My prom is next Thursday, and my sister's graduation is soon afterwards. I'm taking my little bro for McDonalds :) My cat keeps stalking my hamster, which is terrifying, but I'm hoping they'll make friends. I'm still working at the stationery shop until I start at the travel agent, as well as volunteering at the library and museums. I'm really hoping that I'll still be able to keep my blog updated, even if it's just a little word vomit every few weeks. I just feel like everything's happening so fast, and even if it's leaving me a little windswept, it's exciting. 

I'm in the process of writing some better quality posts, but here's a little fill in :)
Lots of love,
Marti xxx


  1. Totally get what you mean about not knowing what you like! I keep feeling guilty for not revising each night and have no idea what to watch as I've not had the time to watch anything in ages! But the good thing is that I now have time to have a run/catch up with a very good friend of mine ;) xx