Friday, 18 May 2018

"You can't really love them"

I feel as though the way I perceive the word love is different to the way a lot of other people perceive love.

I say that I love people a lot. I say that I love my family, I say that I love my friends, I say that I love people who make me smile; man, I even say that I love people I hardly know at all.

Does that take away from my meaning? Not at all. I believe that to be so loving is a quality that so many people are missing. I'm told so often that I can't love people without knowing them, but I ask them why not? The world is so full of anger and hatred; why shouldn't I fill a little of it with love? To love somebody doesn't mean that you are totally in love with everything about them. It simply means that you see them for who they really are. You see their true, inner goodness and are infatuated with that.

Lots of love, 
Marti xxx


  1. Snap! and you know I say it a LOT but I MEAN IT always xx

    1. Thought of you when I wrote this :) xxx