Friday, 9 March 2018

Where you go to school and why it doesn't matter

I'm trying not to get too passionate about this before I end up upsetting someone (it happens more than you'd think haha!)

I go to a northern state school. There are only two secondary schools where I live, one being a selective grammar school and the other being an academy. Some of my friends go to my school, some go to grammar school, others go to school outside of the city and some are moving from one to the other for sixth form. I think it's beautiful- the amount we learn from each other though our differences. Recently though, I've found this difference less attractive. 

I'm proud of my school. It's small, it can be very strict, and yes- the teachers have walkie talkies. Sometimes, it can feel a little like a prison. But do you know what? It's Ofsted Outstanding. We have some incredible teachers who will do everything they can to support you. We have trips abroad, performances and get praised for our achievements- just like any good school. 

I hear things like 'I always feel scared when people from the academy are walking towards me', 'no offence but I hate people at the academy', 'they're chavs' and 'that's good for the academy' way too much. It's pointless, because in the end, our exam results aren't going to differ all that much.

There's this stereotype that people who go to my school are stupid. Let me tell you this: two people who are on my table in maths are predicted a level 9. Another friend of mine continuously gets high marks in science mocks. I'm going to embarrass my sister now by saying that she left this school (before it even became an academy) with fourteen GCSE passes and four A Levels. A test you take at the end of primary school is the worst indication of intelligence I can imagine- especially knowing that lots of people have tutors to help them pass. I love being at a school where everyone is welcome and that's not something that's going to change.

Lots of love, 
Marti xxx
P.S. Happy 125th post!


  1. I 1000000% agree with this Marti. Although I hate the idea of arguments over which side of the road you go to, I know I do get really defensive about our school and angry about the superiority exerted by some over the road. There's positives and negatives to both and the school you go to doesn't define you. I'm so proud of how our school has changed (it WAS very rough at one time) but I do get how some people are scared/feel trapped by the academy system. It's not perfect, but EVERYONE IS WELCOME and that's what matters.

  2. AMEN! So many people think going to a community college is less challenging that a University - WRONG! Love how you shined a light on this topic! Have a marvelous week xx

    Edye |

  3. This makes me so glad I went to school in Scotland, where we don't have academies or grammar schools. Of course we've got our own problems, but I didn't have to deal with any of the drama my 10-year-old cousin is facing at the moment, trying to choose which high school to go to. The thing is, I know wherever she goes, she'll do amazing anyway - just like you said, the sort of high school you go to really isn't important - they've all got their good and bad points, and it's much more important that the kids there feel happy and enjoy learning.

  4. Thank you! I know that I do say a few things about people based on their school but I also get it because everyone presumes that everyone who goes to my school is a rich Bible basher and it's so not true! Love how this can apply to literally anyone anywhere and where you are educated doesn't matter, but rather the quality of it :) xxx

    1. Bible basher haha, remember what Matt said about that? :P Thanks so much, Leah! xxx