Friday, 16 March 2018

Back to Basics

Today I decided to tell you a little too much about myself. Enjoy :)

I doodled this at drama, but I think it looks pretty sick

  1. I listen to my headphones way too loud
  2. I don't use Snapchat
  3. I keep the tea bag in my tea
  4. I always use long spoons
  5. I have a Blue Peter badge
  6. I wrote to the Queen when I was seven 
  7. I once dislocated my leg playing Wii bowling
  8. I've never lost a game of musical chairs
  9. I'm the second youngest
  10. My favourite ladybird book was The Gigantic Turnip
  11. I can make an origami T-Shirt
  12. I played laser tag this one time and failed miserably
  13. I've always had a pet
  14. I used to have nightmares about Homer Simpson
  15. I still sleepwalk sometimes
  16. My favourite food is sweetcorn
  17. I broke my first phone by sitting on it
  18. I've always wanted to be an agony aunt
  19. I have really random and vivid memories
  20. I've never dyed my hair
  21. I've always wanted to be angry enough for slam poetry
  22. My favourite childhood TV show was 6teen 
  23. My name backwards is Itram Gnillets
  24. I don't mind exams all that much
  25. I've surprised myself reading these back through :P
Lots of love,
Marti xxx


  1. Who doesn't listen to earphones too loud? Learnt a few things about you that I didn't know today...
    Lets be honest, what's worst; nightmares about Homer Simpson or nightmares about Dora the Explorer :D xx

    1. Glad we have that as a common point haha! xxxx

  2. No,no. I prefer small spoons- You can savour the thing you love most for longer. I can agree with the Snapchat thing- I barely use my blog's Snapchat account. Then again, no one watches it anyway๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm sorry but I find the 12th fact rather amusing. Thanks for sharing this post; I got to know some things about you which I hadn't before so thanks.๐Ÿ˜Š

    #sweetreats xx

    1. Interesting point haha...thanks for such a sweet comment! Have a lovely Easter :)