Friday, 2 March 2018

The Balance

Bit of a different one today, but it's something that's been sitting in my mind for a long time.
The Girl on the Train and one of my sister's bookmarks- very necessary

Most of the time we can have either as much or as little going on in our lives as we like. Sometimes we're not so lucky and end up overloaded with responsibilities we wouldn't have chosen, and other times we're forced to stay put. Where do we find the balance?

It's a tricky one, and as my Physics teacher once said after giving us homework for over Christmas and instructing us to eat too many mince pies: "If you ever find the balance, write a book on it- you'll make millions!" Personally, I'm still trying to figure it out, but have found a few ways to not get too overloaded. 

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

An odd phrase I've never really understood, but one that I find necessary in most of day to day life. If you're always surrounded by the same people, the same values, the same cultures and the same beliefs- how are you going to learn and grow as an individual? As human beings, we're very susceptible of getting into a rut, which means we do the same things over and over again. Mix things up, say yes to new things! You'll be grateful for it.

Try not to let your mind dwell on things you can't control

It's easy to say yet tricky to act on. Say you got some results back for an exam and they're not as good as you'd hoped- this is not a reason to beat yourself up! Take this as an opportunity to improve and make amends. There are so many more important things than one mistake.

Schedule time for you!

It's easy to get wound up with commitments, projects and helping others, but if you're not leaving time to care for yourself it'll only make you poorly. Take time out, breathe and let yourself know what a good job you're doing. You've got this gurl!

I hope this helped, even just a little!
Lots of love, 
Marti xxx


  1. I thought 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' was about not setting your hopes to high on one thing, but having back-ups and contingency plans, should your 'basket' break xxx

  2. Love this post and it's definitely something I think I needed to read and I reckon that it will be really helpful to everyone, especially those preparing for exams! Xx

    1. Thanks Leah- that's so kind of you to say! Have a nice birthday on Monday!xxx

  3. Your teacher was so true! I feel like there's no balance at all in my life. I'm trying to make it a bit less all or nothing xox

    1. I think we all feel a little like that some (a lot!) of the time... How can we grow without challenges, eh? xxx :)