Friday, 19 January 2018

Dear my little, baby brother

Here I am either giving you a hug or stealing your toys. Sisterly love.

Dear my little baby brother,

You're not so little anymore- you're nearly as tall as me in fact. When you were born, I sat at Gran's dinner table and drew my princess, baby sister. She had beautiful, long hair and wore, wait for it, pretty, pink dresses. I  showed her off to all my friends, but wouldn't let them get too close because she was all mine. 

And then you came. A phone call on Gran's landline told me that, in fact, my baby princess was a prince. I was disappointed- I'm not going to lie. I felt robbed of a friend, or more specifically, a dress up doll.

Your eyes were sticky and you made funny noises. Your hair stuck up in all the wrong places and none of your clothes were pink. Nonetheless,
I loved my little brother.

You got a little older and never objected to my dress up games. I suppose now is the time I should apologise for getting you to do a catwalk in the clothes from Gran's trunk, but I know you loved it really.

When you came into reception, I made sure my friends and I were the little helpers. I'd spend by break time sharpening pencils just so that I could sit with you in assembelies.

You may not notice it all the time, but
I love you very much. These days, you're too cool to hang out with me, but I know the reason you like pink so much is down to me.

All my love,
Your big sister Marti xxx


  1. Marti this is soooo sweet xxx If I'd had my way when he was a baby he would have been one of those goth babies that get paraded around Whitby Goth Weekend in ornate black prams xxx DO ME NEXT YEAH

  2. So who thought I was going to comment?...

  3. Aww.😄😄This is so sweet. I hope your brother reads this😄

    #sweetreats xxx

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