Monday, 1 January 2018

Pushing Yourself- Guest Post by Leah

After reviewing my new year’s resolutions post from the start of this year, I realised that I really need to aim to make my goals for this year a little more realistic to achieve for 2018.

Now that I’m in year eleven, my attitude towards school has changed quite a lot in the way that I am taking lessons more seriously and doing revision and am really enjoying pretty much all of my lessons. This year is also the year where I have realised that my previous habits (no revision apart from what I’m made to do in class and the possible brief flick through my notes 30 seconds before the test itself) may not be the best idea anymore because although it has worked in the past, I probably won’t be able to wing a test on everything I’ve covered over the past year and a half. So my aim is to make notes on everything I have covered since the start of last year (year ten) with the aim of achieving my goal that I have had set for myself for a while now, which is to walk out of all my exams with Bs as a minimum grade (which are 6s in the new grading system).

I am also going to aim to take better care of myself both physically and mentally: physically in the way that I am going to try avoid junk foods a little more and aim for more healthier alternatives and also stop staying up late watching things on my tablet as I always end up regretting it the next day when I can barely keep my eyes open. Mentally I am going to try do the best I can in terms of my school work to make sure I meet deadlines on time so I don’t stress about missing them, causing myself to have stress headaches most days of the week! I am also going to do this by making a better effort at keeping my room tidy to some degree so I don’t lose important work/revision in the mess, and stress myself out further.

Although this is all school related, I know and have known for a while that I need to get things under control a little more at school and with my school work in order to clear my mind and help myself make it out of my exams in one piece, with my social life and friendships still intact.

My goals for the new year have been made a little more manageable this time round, and I am currently on the road to achieving these with high levels of success. My advice would be to think about what you’ll be able to achieve within the new year and what will benefit you and perhaps your friends and family this year.

Hope you have a great new year!