Friday, 10 November 2017

Dear fifteen year old Marti

Dear fifteen year old Marti,

I want you to know that this year is going to be tough but also that you can make it through to the other side stronger than you could ever imagine.

Here's a cute picture of you. Aw, bless.
You’re doing wonderful things and you’re inspiring others. At fifteen years old; this is amazing. That presentation you did in English about Minimalism? Your teacher and other students still bring it up in lesson. All those hours spent in art enrichment? Your pieces are displayed in the corridors. That blog you’ve been writing for two years? You’ve inspired others to start writing too.

You are not your sister, and you never will be. People will compare you, especially at school, and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re worthless. You are not in any way worthless, Marti. You’re a different kind of awesome and people will soon realise that.

People are going to try and hurt you. People envy your contentment and want you to feel as dark and blue as they do. Stand firm with yourself and don’t let anybody tell you that you are a bad person. You are such a wonderful soul.

It’s totally okay to let yourself get the help you deserve. You’ll realise this, though it’ll take you a while. You’re never alone in the way you’re feeling and there is always somebody there to talk to.

Honesty and kindness are the greatest virtues of all. You’re often surrounded by dishonest, unkind people and this is really toxic. Don’t take what these people are saying to heart and learn from what they do. Aim to be the change you want to see in them.

 Finally, remember that it’s okay to put yourself first from time to time. You spend so much time worrying and looking out other people that it’s crushing your own happiness. You are not a burden and you deserve the love of everybody you have earnt it from.

Chin up chicken, you’re doing great :)

- 16 year old Marti xxx


  1. You are not your sister and that's a good thing. You're your own person and you're awesome and you're clever and unique and creative xxxxxx

  2. I remember when you took that picture!

  3. Wise words. Really sweet and made my day.😄

    #sweetreats xx

  4. This is dear. <3 you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Your blog IS an inspiration! and your still just in your teens! Amazing! Live Abundantly!