Friday, 27 October 2017

Dear eleven year old Marti

Dear slightly older but still little Marti,

Things are a little confusing right now and your bubble is beginning to burst.The world is showing itself as a dark and horrible place and it's bringing you down with it. Marti, this is life. It's full of dark and horrible things, but you just have to look for the light.

There are wonderful people and things out there, you're just not searching hard enough. Some of the people you call friends aren't worth your time, but that's something you'll learn later. Put all your energy into your own happiness Marti and it will lead to a very happy place. 

The next few years are going to be difficult for you, but I have faith that you'll come out even more sparkly. Everybody is struggling, so be patient. Some final tips: don't cut your hair and love yourself as much as you love others. You are much a wonderful soul and you need to believe it. This webcam toy habit also really has to stop Marti, it's very embarrassing haha.

I've got your back kid ;)


  1. Dear eleven year old Marti: your big sister is pretty darn cool, so don't ignore her in the corridors at school. Yes, she's embarrassing but you'll learn to love that... You are awesome but please stop wearing Paul's Boutique and Jack Wills.