Friday, 29 September 2017

Mute the Monkey Mind

my brain gets a little mUdDlEd
My thoughts allrollintoone and things 
get a little complicated.

But do you know what? That's totally okay. We all have a monkey mind telling us this and telling us that. What's important is how we control that monkey

One of my favourite ways to do this is by focusing on my senses. It can be tricky to play them all at once, which is why I picked three to focus on. Your focus senses could be completely different to mine: it's all down to your perception. 

SIGHT is the first on my list. Give your mind a break from the strain of whatever's bothering you and focus on what you can see. How many clouds are in the sky? What's beautiful about the person you last saw? 

HEARING'S next. Is there a song that instantly brings you back to a happy place? Create a playlist of some of your favourite pick-me-ups and have them ready to play when you need them. 

Last but not least: TASTE. Focus on how the foods you love taste and the way they make you feel. Are they sweet or are they salty?  Do they melt or do they explode? 

I hope this little post has been of some help and that you all have a really lovely day.
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Health and happiness,
Marti xxx


  1. Cheers for the advice! Having a monkey mind at this second,this'll come in useful.❤❤😊

    #sweetreats xx

  2. Aha! I'll have to try a few of these pointers at the times when my brain becomes a bit muddled and mad xxx