Friday, 4 August 2017

Two Goals for Five Weeks

Read as many books as I feel like reading
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This year I've probably read more books, both big and small, than ever before. I've found so much peace and solitude through reading that it's the thing I've been doing most. However, I don't want reading to become something I have to do. If there comes a time this Summer that I'd rather do something else than read, that I shall. I can become a bit of a hermit sometimes and neglect the rest of the world. This year I've taken media for an option at school and couldn't name any celebrities we were shown. I just don't pay any attention to them which my teacher found funny, although said 'you're seriously going to have to start watching TV this year' ahahah. 

    Give myself lots of creative outlets 

    The problem with my time without a phone earlier this year was that I couldn't take photos on the go- unless I took the camera out with me. I've realised that this is one of the simple things I really enjoy doing and something that brings me immense happiness. I've also rediscovered how peaceful it is to just sit with a pencil, some watercolours or even a word document. Creativity can take many forms and doesn't have to rely on a visual outcome. I've set myself a challenge to put my heart and soul into whatever creative project I embark on, whether that be blogging, drawing or getting my head around Photoshop.

    That's all for now, two very simple goals that I hope to fulfil. What are yours?

    Health and happiness,
    Marti xx

    P.S.  My review on Love From Lexie got a feature on Cathy Cassidy's blog! You can check it out along with Cat and Sophie's reviews here :)


    1. Productive goals Marti, u go girl! Hmmm I want to be LESS SERIOUS and take things to heart less... just react less and be MORE ZEN ;) I want to draw more too, we need to push each other with that one. Love you loads. You're brilliant xxx

      1. We definitely do! There's no point changing who you are though; you're fabulous Jay! xxxx

    2. Cool post. I definitely share these two goals, and am going to enjoy every moment of my reading and also my creativity this summer... even if it's for homework :D xx