Friday, 25 August 2017

Health and Happiness

Sometimes, we look to the future a little too much for our happiness- we're all guilty of it. It may be as simple as thinking that we'll be happy once we've met a certain person or once we've done a certain thing. The truth is: we're surrounded by experiences that make us happy and by taking our attention away from the now, we're missing out! 

That's why I've decided to make a list of a few awesome things I've done, no matter how small.  Although the future is full of endless possibilities and new experiences, you have already made some incredible memories from opportunities you were lucky enough to grasp in what was then the present. 

Aqua zorbing
Mountain biking
Ice skating
Winning a ‘good for one go’ voucher at mini golf
Climbing a mountain
Sitting on the edge of an erupted volcano

Walking behind a waterfall
Swimming in the Blue Lagoon
Standing in between the Eurasian and North American plate boundaries
Taking a ferry from Dover to Calais
Seeing ‘The Jungle’ before the migrants were forced to leave
Travelling on a plane for the first time
Visiting Euro Disney
Eating snails in Paris
Climbing the Eiffel Tower
Visiting the Louvre, Notre Dame and Champs Elysee
Sleeping in a tent for a week
Going to a Christian camp
Acting the lead role in a play
Starting a blog
Going to a roller disco
Rock climbing
Losing laser tag
Writing to the Queen
Playing rock-it ball
Sleeping in a pigsty
Crawling through a hay bale maze in pyjamas
Visiting more castles than I can name
Riding Europe’s longest roller coaster
Making a jam sandwich blindfolded
Buying food from a service station at 2am
Watching the sun set and rise
Being veggie for two years
Spending the night at an aquarium 

I'd love to hear what you all have on your lists!

Health and happiness,
Marti xxx


  1. Your definitely right! We should focus on the now, sometimes I even find myself getting caught up in trying to reach an end goal that I don't enjoy the journey. Also you have done a lot of thing. Hands down I have to try spending the night in an aquarium. That seems like so much fun !!!

    Samara |

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment! That was good night haha xxx

  2. I love that writing a letter to the Queen made it onto your list! Love this idea. I'm working on my list... TO BE CONTINUED...

    1. Tehe, it was a milestone back when I was eight :) xxx

  3. this is such a beautiful post, puts everything into perspective. you've done some incredible things-
    beth xxx

    1. Thanks so much Beth! You've also done some truly incredible things xxx

  4. Number 7...the biggest achievement !!! x

  5. I loved this post - I agree, we al need to slow down life sometimes and be grateful for what we have achieved!

    Also, I nominated you in my Mystery Blogger Award (My post goes up 28/8 at 6pm) xx

    1. Thanks a lot Lou! Can't wait to see your post :)

  6. Loved this, Marti!! It's so true - I find myself guilty of that as well, not paying enough attention to what's currently happening, and looking too much ahead. This was an awesome list, I really enjoyed reading through it :)

    ~Iris xoxo

  7. Love this post and I don't think what you said about us thinking about the future too often could be more true, and that some times we need to slow down and think about the now. I have to say though that I did learn a few things about you in this post, like you being veggie for two years xx

    1. Welcome and P.S. I've nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award xx

    2. Thanks a lot! I'll go check it out :)

  8. Thanks for including me in this week's post, Marti. Lots of love, Finley.

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