Friday, 21 July 2017

Reasons why I smiled this week

Sometimes the world can feel like a terrible place when in reality, our world is a wonderful place full of terrible things. These terrible things can sometimes taint our perspective and make us feel unhappy. Being brought down by things out of your control is not only a waste of time and energy, but is also toxic to those around you. It's a simple fact, but one we could all do with being reminded of every now and then. That's why I decided to think up a few reasons why I smiled this week, however large or small, as a reminder that the life I have is precious. I challenge you to do the same and keep finding a reason to smile every day! :)

  1. I'm feeling super driven and inspired, which is odd with it being the end of term.
  2. I watched my little brother swim of the first time in a while the other day and he's like a little fish :)
  3. The weather is just the way I like it: either sunny or thunder-stormy.
  4. My art teacher has mounted some of  my work in the corridors! That's something I could never have expected. 
  5. I've received some really lovely comments on my last blog post!
  6. Books, books, that not reason enough to smile?
  7. Finally, I'm brimming with excitement for the Summer Holidays! Just two more days ladies and gentlemen...two more days!
Health and happiness,
Marti xxx


  1. What a great idea Marti!!! Summing up the week and moving on with a positive outlook. Hmm... reasons I smiled this week:
    1. I worked on a Thursday. This means I sold pen refills to old people and they love me when I am really smiley and sickeningly helpful.
    2. I ate some good food! Pasta, pizza, more pizza...
    4. I didn't get to see your exhibition but I DID get to see the photos from it and I am so proud and impressed with everything you've done this year in art. Art is so difficult and hard work but you properly got stuck in and made some groovy things.


  2. this is so lovely! you have such a positive outlook on things & the picture is beautiful also. my five reasons are:
    1.) I made something at sewing that I was proud of
    2.) I spent time with my friend & we had lots of laughs
    3.) I'm loving the weather too!
    4.) I'm back into reading! I've started LOVE FROM lEXIE - & it's so good
    5.) George passed his 2nd year of uni with great results so I'm a very proud sister! xxxx

    1. You are one of my favourite people Beth :) always love to hear what's new with you!

  3. Good post, Marti.