Friday, 28 July 2017

My thoughts on The Handlebards- As You Like It

On Wednesday night, my drama group went to an open air performance of Shakespeare's As You Like It. I'm not sure what I was expecting really. What we were told was that it was to be performed by a group of people that travel the length of the country on bikes and that it would be outside, in the rain, and we weren't allowed umbrellas. Regardless, I handed over the money and hoped for the best. 

I woke up on Wednesday to the sound of rain pounding my bedroom window. I kept checking the weather and it just seemed to get worse and worse. My heart now goes out to those women who had to cycle all the way from York! Thankfully, by six o'clock when we met up with my drama group, the rain had miraculously stopped.

 We set our blanket down on the grass with everybody else and were greeted by somebody in shin high green socks who told us if we couldn't see, to move right up to the red line. "We don't bite...but we do smell!"

Now sitting within an inch of the performance and the other end of the gardens to the rest of the group, it felt as if we were part of the action. When I say I was surprised by what I saw, I mean I was literally mind blown. 

There were only four actresses in the play, each with multiple different roles. They could be the beautiful Rosalind one minute and the rough Orlando the next! Audience participation was at it's finest, even if some people looked a little offended when they stole their picnics!

I am in love with this theatre group and will definitely see more of their work if I get the chance. They are touring across the country until September, so make sure to catch them!

All images were found on The Handlebards' website.
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  1. good post marti, it sounded like a good experience

  2. Amazing post Marti! It sounds like a good experience :)

  3. I hope they come back to the Workhouse - it made for a fantastic venue. I enjoyed it so much and look forward to seeing them again with you one day xxx

  4. Sounds like such a great experience! Wish I could've seen it x

    1. It was incredible Lou- are they touring anywhere near where you are? xx

  5. What an intriguing unique little group! I've never heard of them but they sure do sound pretty amazing! Sounds like something I'd love to see! The capacity of talent and creativity that some people possess, just blows my mind! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! It was an entertaining read!