Friday, 2 June 2017

Sun, rain and erm, rain...

Remember my last post where I said that I wanted to make the most of this half term? Well, that I did, and currently I'm writing this post as opposed to doing the maths homework I neglected all holiday. The pleasure is all yours ;) I thought it'd be nice to share with you some of the things I got up to as a little follow up from my last post. So sit back, perhaps get yourself a tea and enjoy; it's going to be a long one! Also, I hope somebody brought cake. All this not doing homework is making me very peckish...

I think it's time to start wearing the knee pads.
Saturday and Sunday were pretty odd weatherwise. My sister came home for the day on Saturday so we walked into town- dressed for clear skies and sunshine! That we got until we ventured home  and were faced with the midst of a thunderstorm! After getting home and peeling off our clothes, most of us got in our pyjamas (mum and dad went out for the night to a David Bowie tribute) and I read the first Clarice Bean book. That night we played this game called Heads Up (which I proved to be terrible at) and binge watched awful Saturday night TV. 

Ella went back home on Sunday morning but I managed to persuade her to do my hair before she left. I also coloured in her tattoo, which personally, I think looks much better. After that, I went out on my roller skates with Fin before going to the car boot. I managed to grab some rather unattractive but life saving knee pads and some books from the Ruby Redfort series. We sat in the sun with my nana for a while as my grandad is quite poorly. At my gran's house I played football in the garden with my darling little brother. He kept getting angry at me because apparently I'm too good (yeah right, I know haha!).

On Monday we went to Haworth which was home to the Brontë sisters in the 1800s. There was a beautiful graveyard that we looked around before going to the parsonage museum. I absolutely loved looking around the house and would recommend it to anybody interested in this era of literature. We ate chips in paper during anther downpour which was surprisingly enjoyable. There were lots of quirky shops in the town to look around and an old fashioned sweet shop where we bought rosy apples. I haven't an awful lot to say about Tuesday other than it was another day at the pen shop. It was quiet, but some very interesting customers...

Two of my good friends invited me to go to York with their family on Wednesday. It was a truly fabulous day. We got the park and ride bus to the city and first went to York Dungeon, which I enjoyed profusely. The actors made you feel as though you'd travelled back in time and were pretty good at knowing how to scare people! We ate at the Bar Convent (again, I'd recommend) before heading to the Railway Museum. Although I don't have a great passion for trains, I still enjoyed marvelling at their splendour.  

Me and my babes
On Thursday I seriously needed to catch up with some homework, so I spent most of the day doing Science revison (yay!). Mum, dad, Fin and Jay headed to the pet shop and came home with two fishies! They are absolutely adorable and we agreed to name them Bert and Ernie after everybody's favourite muppet pair. I also started watching this series called Fat Doctor which I am hooked on (guilty as charged!).

That leads me to today. I'm not going to lie; this blog post consumed a lot of my time, but at least it's productive :) This morning we went to town to pick up some shopping and between then and now, I've been reading. It's so hot but I'm considering closing my window becuase the house opposite is blaring 'I Gotta Feeling'. Give me strength...

What have you been upto?
  Lots of love,
Marti xxx

P.S. They're playing 'I Need a Hero' now ahahhaha 


  1. Bert and Ernie are a great pair. I'm so proud of you using your time to write this blog! It IS productive and it is so lovely to read. xx Better than maths ANYDAY.

  2. I can so relate to putting off homework, especially as I am supposed to be revising now but have instead decided to sack it off and go on YouTube and read your blog! Good luck with that maths homework XD

  3. Sounds like a lovely half term! We should all definitely be making the most of life, friends and family xo

  4. I LOVE YOU <3