Friday, 24 March 2017

Is Buddhism the Answer?

I've always had an interest in religion, but that's not to say that I've always agreed with the principles of religion.

Growing up, my best friend and her family were very religious Christians, which meant that I got to experience the lifestyle much more than some of my other non-religious friends did. I was invited to church, youth club and even bible camp with her! Although I didn't passionately believe in God, I was still amazed by the sense of community that was created by simply believing. 

However, I think it's fair to say that it became a bit difficult as I got older, especially as people started asking questions about why I didn't believe in God and if I would join them to pray. It just felt morally wrong to pretend to be something I wasn't. 

Once I got into secondary school, my relationship with the church was very irregular. I was still invited, but it felt strange to be worshipping somebody I didn't believe in. 

Up until recent years, I hadn't really given religion much thought. I wasn't encouraged to by my school either as it's non-religious. I suppose that this is a good thing as it allowed me to discover it in my own time.

That was when I discovered Buddhism. I'd heard the word tossed around a lot, but I'd never been curious enough to look into it. There's a lot of people out there who could put this better than I can but I'll try...

Buddhism is about developing the mind, finding inner peace and knowing that nothing is permanent. It's the belief in reincarnation (in many different forms) and knowing that all actions have consequences. What I find interesting about this religion is the fact that they don't believe in a God and the fact that unlike most other religions, there aren't any set rules (in the usual sense of rules). 

I have tried to incorporate the Four Noble Truths and Five Moral Precepts into my way of thinking and would love to be able to call myself a Buddhist one day. By doing so, I no longer fear the future and instead have learnt to live in the moment. Buddhism is something that I strongly believe in and feel passionate about.


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  1. Great hearing your thoughts on this Marti! I love the Buddhism and Jainism beliefs; and while I wouldn't follow them in a religious way, I definitely think I spiritually follow them. Great post!

    1. Thanks so much Rosie! I think that's why there's a fine line between both religions actually being religions- they're so focused on the mind and spirit!

  2. Sick! I studied Buddhism under RS and it was really fun to learn their teachings and methods of worship.I'm simply a Methodist Christian. Although, when I'm older, I'm not to sure what religion I'll follow.

    Ps:I like the look of your blog-haven't been on here in sometime.
    BBB xx

    1. Thanks so much! Best of luck with the future ;)

  3. I've just learned something new. Buddhism sounds really interesting and like something worth exploring.

    Ps, who is this friend Marti :D

  4. So glad you endeavour to try something different! Talk to some buddhists if you're interested about knowing more - they're great for advice on mindfulness and general guidance too, cant't wait to hear more about this! Lily L. xx

  5. I find this so interesting. thank you so much for sharing! I can relate so much because I've always been in the same boat, my best friend's church always welcoming me in, but, as lovely as everyone always are, it definitely gets awkward as you get older. Buddhism is such an interesting one xx

    1. Wow- that's so interesting that we've had the same experiences! Thanks a lot for sharing :)