Friday, 24 June 2016

Zoella Body Mist Review

Hi everyone, some of you may not know me, so let me introduce myself. I'm Lou from Lou Loves and I have been blogging for nearly a year now. Marti and I made the decision to do a guest post on each others blogs as we thought it would be a fun idea and help let both audiences get to know about us better. Anyway, today I am going to be doing a review which is a favourite over on my blog so I thought I would do one for you all.  I hope you enjoy this post and I will (hopefully) see you soon. xx

Today, I am going to be reviewing the Zoella Beauty Body Spritz's. I have all 3 and love when new collections come out. The bottles themselves, are okay quality but the scent inside makes up for it. On 2 out of 3 of my bottles, the product leaks out the top when you press it down which cane be a little annoying but it's not too big of an issue.

Blissful Mistful is the original collection scent so it is floral and really fresh. For me, it's the perfect Spring/Summer scent (it would also be a pretty good holiday scent - which it was for me last year). The scent lasts nearly all day without completely going but I find it's nice just to top up the scent about half way through the day.

The next to be released was Lets Spritz'. This was in the Tutti Fruity Range which is getting discontinued right now and shops are selling it out so get it whilst you can. As the range name suggests, it has a fruity scent that I think works best in late summer and early autumn - kind of like the last breath of summer.

The final spritz was Sweet Inspirations (I was really disappointed this didn't have a product name :( ) However, the scent makes up for it - it has a macaroon and toasted almond scent. I think this is that perfect all year scent which can actually be really hard to find.

All of Zoe's spritz's are £8 and available at superdrug and online at feelunique and superdrug.

Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to check out Marti's post

Love Lou

Friday, 17 June 2016

Paris sera toujours Paris


'Oh Paris, your beauty does perplex even the most unperplexable of people..'

Friday, 10 June 2016

Real superheros don't wear capes

Your illusions of me are tainted.
I'm not perfect and would hate to be idolised. I've spent lots of time reflecting- reflecting on who I am and who I used to be. Other the past year I have met so many truly incredible people who have inspired and crafted who I am today. I can proudly say that I am my own person now. Everything I do, I do it because that's what I want to do and I've grasped a real concept of what is important to me and what really isn't. I've learnt from my mistakes and I've not been afraid to do so. I love myself more than I have ever done ever before and I've finally learnt what it is to be happy again. I went through a time where I was not happy. My thoughts, my interests and my enjoyment came simply down to one thing: materialism. I hate that I was like that but I honestly was. And now, now I'm that bit older I can look at other people being the person I was and see the way their minds are working. Money does not bring happiness. I'm sorry, but it doesn't. By the time you're 80, hopefully still going strong, you'll look back on these years of your life and wonder what you were doing wasting it on such superficial things. Go outside, read, spend time with your family. At the end of the day, that's what really matters.

So I've been making a few changes...

1. I've stopped wearing makeup

What with the amount of time it takes, the amount of money it costs, the way how it makes me feel like I'm not beautiful without it and the fact that so many brands test on animals.

2. I've started saving my money
Saving for the unexpected. Saving for a time where it'll benefit me more than it will now.

3. I've stopped writing about materialistic things
The evidence is still there, I'm not ashamed.

4. I've stopped eating meat.
Okay, I've not eaten meat for a long time now, but I'm not the best example of a vegetarian you could think of. There have been times where I've neglected this privilege. That comes to a stop right now though, let's help our planet and her animals in every way we can.

5. I'm trying to be nice to people.
I can be a complete bitch as well as one of the sweetest people you know. I think it's mostly down to my nature but people misinterpret me a lot. Less sarcasm I think.

6. I've changed my mindset.
My main ambition in life this time last year was to be a makeup artist. My intentions are absolutely NOT to disparage anybody who wants to pursue this as a career but for me, personally I have moved on. I want to help people, not do their makeup. Since early this year I have wanted to be a nurse and recently, I have considered volunteering abroad in poor countries. I'd love to see more of the world we live in- both the beautiful and the not so much. 

I know that this post has been a bit chunky for a Friday but it's something that I've been meaning to say for a long time. Next week I'll hook you up with some photos from my trip to Paris but before then, I have one more thing to say.

I hate to break this to you kids but life isn't always going to go the way you wanted it to. It'll drag you to your knees, beat you until you can't breathe and then expect you to get back up again. But get back up again you shall. You won't always have a knight in shining armor come rushing to your rescue whenever you're feeling at your lowest. Instead you'll be left to your own instinct, and trust me, your instinct will be to give up. But still you must keep on fighting, show life you know who's boss and do me a favour next time you see him- make sure to kick him in the balls. Your friends well, they're only human too. They'll disappoint you to say the least, but it's the real ones who hurt you the most. Learn to be independent- that's the hardest lesson to learn. Dance to your own rhythm and only let those join you if they can keep up. Not everybody is going to like you, in fact some may go as far to 'hate'. I'm afraid not everybody can hear the music, which is another reason to turn it up a notch. 

Embrace who you are and be who you embrace.

Friday, 3 June 2016

From notes to post

Bonjour mes petits chéris!

This is a post that Lou and I have had scheduled for the longest time ever (literally months) but have never gotten around to posting. Over here in the UK it's half term which I assumed would mean a week of blogging and taking photos. Oh how wrong I was! I've been busy every single day this week whether it be travelling, simply meeting my friends or doing homework. The post is basically going to be a breakdown of the process of writing a blog post. I've always wondered how other bloggers went about posting and whether they do it any differently from me. Over the year I have spent blogging, I've developed my own way of drafting my posts which works perfectly for me. I'd love to hear about you!

1. The Idea

Ideas come to me at times I least expect. I could be in the shower, in that weird state of mind before you drift off to sleep, daydreaming in a maths lesson or reading. I recommend always keeping a notebook in your bag for such occasion but when I forget, that's when the memo notes on your phone come in handy. When I get home, I'll create a blog post with that title and save it as a draft. Make sure not to publish said post like I have done one too many times!

2.Drafting the Post

The next stage of writing my post is drafting. This basically means word vomit. Any initial ideas, photos or layout preferences you have, make sure you post them at this point. You do not have to draft the post immediately after coming up with the idea (some of my ideas date back to last year and I still haven't got round to drafting them!). Also I like to choose which labels to add at this point. For example, the post I have drafted here (which is a sneak peek at next Friday's post!) is a lifestyle post. The labels I have added here are home, life and places.

3.Taking the Time to Write it

Stage three is very much like stage two only you should allocate however much time you need to write the post here. I usually spend about an hour on this stage (depending on what type of post it is) but you may need either less or more time. Write straight from what comes to your mind as you can always tweak it later. Another point to add about this stage is that you should only write when you are in the mood and never try to force a post. 

6.Proofreading and Spell Checking
Before I hit the orange publish button I always (well, I always intend to) proofread my post and get somebody else to check my spelling. You can also reword parts that seem clumsy and ensure all your links are fully working at this stage.

Finally, it's time to publish or decide when you schedule your post. This part is definitely the most self explanatory but in case you you haven't realised already, it's that giant circle there.

Hope you're as excited to read Lou's post as I am.