Friday, 13 May 2016


I logged onto Pinterest the other day and saw a picture of Betty Spaghetti (who remembers this fine chick?) which somehow lead me to re-watching pretty much a whole series of  Lola and Virginia which then lead me to signing a petition to bring back. Where does time go? My favourite TV channel from about 2007 onwards was Pop Girl. I'm not going to lie, I was almost in tears when it got cancelled last October. Is it this normal to have such a bad relationship with change and things getting removed? Many an evening was spent in the living room playing polly pockets while watching this channel. I swear Mary Kate and Ashley are part of the reason I am who I am today.
 My favourite show was always (and still kind of is, haha) 6Teen. I remember whenever my friends came round for tea I'd drag them up to my bedroom, which was painted a scary shade of pink with an orange bunk bed, to watch episodes of this show my dad had recorded onto a vhs on my box tv. This would be followed by playing either, or polly pocket world on the family computer. How some people have moved on from these times I have no idea. 

When I was between the ages of 6-10 I'd say I spent as much time playing 'out' with my friends as I did playing inside with my friends. We played a lot of BD (bulldogs to those who didn't spend a lot of time with year 6 boys), we played on our bikes and scooters, we befriended anyone who had a trampoline in their garden, we played 'families' and in summer it'd be a case of hopping from one garden with a paddling pool to the other. A big trip out to us would be to the corner shop which was down the hill and across two roads simply for a chuppa chups lolly.

At this time the DS and Wii was seen as cool (some of us still haven't moved on) and my white DS Lite with a pink starry skin was my prize possession. Super Mario Bros was, and still is, the greatest game ever. I'd had the game about a week and was already nearly finished when the worst thing happened- the touch screen broke! Do you have any idea how hard it is to play Super Mario with no touch screen? But this is what I did for years and years and now that DS sits in my brother's bedroom, unused for about five years. RIP

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