Friday, 6 May 2016

Milkshakes and feeling like a frog

This bank holiday Monday I went to Leeds with my family, primarily becuase it was my little brother's birthday earlier in the week and he spent his money in ToysRus (so many childhood memories in this place) but also because we knew there was an Ikea there. We got back at about half past two and I spent the rest of the evening at home with my family. 

Coming back to work or school is always the worst after having a long weekend especially when you're not feeling good. My throat has been so sore today resulting in me sounding like Kermit all day. 

First lesson we had life which is basically smsc. We're learning about the European Union right now and whether or not the UK should leave the EU. Ooh the controversy! Then we had p.e where we did the 800 meters and relay. It was a sunny day so at break I sat on the grass with my friends. After break and form time I had an art lesson followed by science. After lunch I had maths (whoop, the joys of trial and improvement!). When I got home I did some French homework and looked over my baby cousin. He's finally mastered the stairs and is fascinated by going up and down them. 

Wednesday was considerably more interesting that Tuesday which is relief. I had p.e first which was rounders. Then I had maths and break and after break I had English. English was followed by double geography and lunch. My geography teacher is finally back to school from being ill which was put an end to the ridiculous amount of supplies we've had.

After school I met up with my best friend and her little sister and went to a galato bar because the weather was on our side. I got a milky bar milkshake, Millie got oreo and Lissy got Ferrero Rocher. Then we walked over the the YMCA together and got some props made for the drama competitions. 

Today has not been particually great. My kermit throat has now turned into a blocked nose and headache and although the weather has turned beautiful- my hayfever is making it much worse. This morning I had science which wasn't too bad although it hurt so much to talk which is something I usually do lots of. Then I had english followed my maths which again weren't too bad. By the end of the day I was a streaming mess but at least I had French. First lesson was our last lesson on 'la mode' and second lesson we learnt about and watched some *dodgey* French tv shows. That's all I've got to say about today really, when I got home I just watched Star Trek and Macgyver with my dad (roll on the fun times haha).

3 weeks! There are exactly three weeks until I go abroad for the first time and I'm already feeling a strange mixture of nausea for the ten hour coach trip and excitement for exploring Paris. Over the past month I've been picking up some little things to take with me and tomorrow I'm picking up a suitcase. These weeks leading up are honestly flying past and I'm sure the next thing I know I will be sat on a stuffy, smelly bus surrounded by sweaty year 10 boys whilst trying to block the noise out with Amy Winehouse through my headphones. Anyway, I've got to go to school now but I hope this post was something different to read. The lessons I've got today are double art;geography;maths and english. What about you?

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