Friday, 27 May 2016

Dressing fit for Friday

Picture this. It's Friday morning, you overslept and have little less than half an hour to have breakfast, feed the cat, do something with your hair, brush your teeth and get out of that front door. Sound familiar?

So where does fashion come in to any of this? It's that reoccurring dream where you turn up at work in your pajamas, underwear or worst of all, crocs! Sometimes I actually consider crawling back into bed and living in my pajamas all week as the thought of  turning my wardrobe upside own for something to wear haunts me. 

So when T.M.Lewin contacted me asking to take part in their his & hers style challenge I jumped at the opportunity. It's all about dressing fit for Friday and styling outfits that can go from work presentations to the pub. Having a translatable style can help you stay as chic and classy as you are all day long. T.M.Lewin host the most lavish variety of classic pieces, fabrics, to accessories that are fashionably interchangeable as well as an impressive selection of suits.

So, considering the vast majority of my page views come from a female audience, I have decided to begin with the woman's outfit. I wanted to create something that was universal and would compliment any skin tone, size and figure. I also wanted it to be very feminine yet not something that would become hard to maintain or touch up later in the day. I have included both flat shoes and heeled depending on your place of work and how much you are on your feet. I also think the necklace would spice the outfit up for a night out perfectly.

And now moving on the more male dominated outfit, I have selected one of T.M.Lewin's trademark suits to accompany sleek, black shoes. Being able to dress well and have your own style will put you far ahead of other colleagues on the employment side of things. I also think that navy is a very slimming and alluring colour for workwear.

Have a wedding or formal meeting planned and have no idea what to wear? Look no further than T.M.Lewin for fabulous value yet astonishing quality suit bundles that can suit any occasion.

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