Friday, 8 April 2016

What's in my bag? Spring edition

As spring came rolling around so did my desire to purchase another handbag to replace accompany my other one. It's not that I don't have other bags, it's just that none of them come close to being as remarkably beautiful as this one. It's a gorgeous, vintage leather cross body bag with no pockets and a buckle fastening. It's rather small and will not fit much more than my phone and purse but nonetheless it's a beauty. I deemed it irreplaceable until I stepped into Urban Outfitters and saw this marvelous creation. I've always hated the majority of bags you'll find in the high street. For one they're never strong enough to last more than a year or two, they just look cheap. I'm sounding like a real snob here but I may assure you I'm really not as the vintage bag originally came from a charity sale in the city hall for a few pounds. I do not believe in spending hundreds of pounds on a bag, I believe in knowing what you like and searching for just that. Like I say that cross body bag came from a charity sale in the city hall and as did the leather purse I'm about to mention. I had to dig through tons of cheap looking wallets until I saw this one but when you know what you're looking for it's not hard to miss. A genuine leather purse can cost you around £20-£100 and I got mine for £1.  

This bag from Urban Outfitters cost me £36 which is a deal more than I'd like to spend BUT it's exactly what I needed and will last me for a while. It's also tan in colour but is much larger in size and fastens by a hidden magnet within the lining. It has two handles to carry it in the crook of your arm and a long strap for the option to carry it over your shoulder. Inside the lining is black and it comes with a detachable pouch which I've been keeping things like my keys, lip balm, hay fever tablets/paracetamol and receipts in. I think that this is a really nice addition to the bag as it self has no other pockets inside it. So after considering planning out what to put in my bag and showing you like many bloggers do (and I'm by no means blaming them, I've done it before) I decided it would be much more realistic to show you what's in my bag after using it afew times and not sorting through it.  Everything in here has remained here since I last took this bag out. Let's see what we can find shall we? Also, I apologise about the second photo. I planned to do a really artsy garden photo but it was so windy and cold that everything nearly blew away in the process. Then it started to rain so I had to take a photo and run, nothing can beat British Spring can it?

contents (left-right)
Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth, headphones, house keys, compact Tangle Teezer, Extra spearmint gum, paracetamol, Burt's Bees Hydrating Hydrant lip balm, The Body Shop White Musk eau de toilette and my purse stuffed with receipts, loyalty cards, McDonalds monopoly coupons (guilty as charged) and some money. I'd also usually have my phone and kindle in here but they were both on charge.

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