Friday, 22 April 2016

Do wallabies lay easter eggs?


Today was a surprisingly spring-like day, contrary to what the forecast said. Because of this, we decided to go to Thorp Perrow which is an arbitration just outside of Ripon. I went with my mum, dad, two sisters, brother and sister's fiance. It took about twenty minutes to get there and the journey consisted of mainly playing 2048 (which is a surprisingly addicting game) with my little brother. 

When we got there we went straight to see what was left of the bird show (don't laugh) and then over to see the meerkats and wallabies. It was at this point that I noticed that there was still an Easter egg trail open. How strange when Easter was almost exactly a month ago! It turns out that this place is actually huge and it took hours to walk around it all. There were so many pretty islands and ponds and even a pet cemetery! We got home at about half past three and I spent the rest of the evening at home with my family. 

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