Friday, 15 April 2016

A day in the life


Whitby. A seaside town so different from its sisters. A place where very few people care about the beach or whether it's raining (which it very often is) and more people care about her dark nature. It's the home to a number of goth trinket shops selling anything from voodoo dolls to herbal remedies, a fishing port, several vintage shops and Whitby Abbey.

So on Thursday morning we got up early and headed East. The journey took an hour and a half which really isn't too bad. We went to the Abbey first via some small independent shops and walked up the 199 steps! As usual, the view was incredible, so be it if it was a little windy. Then for lunch we had chips before heading for the 2p machines (come on, it's tradition!) and up the hill to more shops. It was on the way up the hill that we stopped by a little
 vintage shop selling all sorts of crafty things. I bought a 1950s chocolate tin in there with the intention of putting letters in it. It was £4 and I would have paid a lot more. After going to some more vintage shops we came home and I finished the day off with Intergalactic bath bomb from Lush and a long conversation with Lou which was when we decided to collab on this post. I'll leave her lovely blog at the end.

ft my mum and +Jay Stelling 

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