Sunday, 21 February 2016

A day in the life

Firstly, just a wee notice. My upload day is now every other Friday (obviously starting after today) and I'm excited to tell you that got a lot of collaborations planned for a whole bunch of different topics this being the first of them all. Let me know what you think of this post, and whether you think I should do more lifestyle ones. I'd also like to apologise for the quality of these photos- I used my mums phone instead of my camera which I usually use. Also, make sure you check out Lou's blog and what she got up to this week. I'll leave a link at the end.


At 9am this morning, we set off to go to Scarborough for the day. It was bitterly cold and the clouds were gray but whatever, what else are you supposed to do on a saturday? After an hour and a half of playing fortunately- unfortunately we parked up and headed for the charity shops. Then we went to Wetherspoons and I ordered a chicken tikka curry without the chicken and a hot chocolate. It came with naan bread, poppadoms and apple chutney which was really nice. On the way down the stairs my ankle gave way AGAIN and I fell on my knees. I wish that was the first time it had happened. Next we headed down the highstreet and toward the seafront. My brother bought a pair of teeth from the joke shop (I wish I was allowed to take photos in there- who really wants their own grow your own boyfriend or a pair of fake boobs?). Then we went to the 2p machines and won enough tokens for four moams.. After that we headed back to the car and drove home. I spent the rest of the evening writing this blog post.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Something I need to say

Death as a subject has always been one that sends a sudden shiver down my spine and one to cause my heart to freeze at the very thought. But it came with time for me to accept the harsh reality and to find faith in that we cannot fear what is the unknown. I don't want to live my life knowing about the tremendous struggles other people must go through to live theirs without at least trying to help in whatever way I can. I feel like the words I have been writing on this website are not truly coming from my heart nor are they having any great impact on those who need it most.

 Lately I've found myself questioning who I really am and what it is to be that person. It may come to a great shock to many of you that I no longer find a great thrill in talking about such material items. I read through my own blog posts and fail to see why I've written about what I have. When there is so much conflict and unhappiness in the world around me, why am I not doing my bit to help these people? It brings me no regrets to say I'm moving on to the next chapter with Pink Smarties. Instead of talking about myself, I want to talk about others and do my part, however insignificant or significant that may be, to change the world we live in.

 One of my ideas was to start my own campaign and give any donations I receive to the trusted organisation: build Africa. It was this video that really touched me and made me feel so unhappy about how we take these simple things for granted. Build Africa is an award-winning charity fighting poverty in rural communities. 
They say that- 'We work with vulnerable people across Africa to create positive change – helping children get a better education, and parents earn a secure living – so that together we can find long-term solutions to inequality.Our education programmes focus not just on access, but on attainment – ensuring often vulnerable children have the right infrastructure, resources, teaching and parental support to experience a quality education, and go on to lead productive, happy lives.This is complemented by our livelihoods programmes that work to create secure incomes. We help improve agricultural practices and market awareness for farming communities, and help families access vital basic financial services through savings and loans groups that allow them to prepare for environmental and economic stresses, and invest in their future'.

This is a new idea, but one I'd really like to pursue. For now it's a goodbye, until I have a plan with where I'm going with his. I'd also really like you lovely lot to get involved with this so if any of you feel inspired, drop me and email and we can discuss.