Monday, 16 November 2015

Perks and cons of being ill

Before I start, I am not talking about any serious illness here, I'm talking the flu, colds, headaches and other not so nice sicknesses. I remember a couple of moths ago a was so sick I couldn't even drink water with out um...vomiting every five minutes. In that case, there really isn't many perks at all.

Perk 1: People look after you. :)

Con 1: That is unless, you're living alone and in that case you have to make your own Lemsip.

Perk 2: You physically have to stay in bed all day

Con 2: You feel like Elsa locked away in your bedroom. 

Perk 3: Speaking of Frozen, it's almost Christmas. Today has officially turned into Christmas movie day.

Con 3: You can't remember your Netflix login, crud.

Perk 4: You've just realised you can catch up on I'm a Celebrity .

Con 4: Watching other people eat kangaroo testicles makes you feel even more sick (what is my reward?!)

Perk 5: Laying in bed and watching the rain has to be one of the most satisfying things ever.

Con 5: Having to catch up on all the work you've missed however isn't.

Perk 6: My kittens love my dressing gown nearly as much as I do.

Con 6: There comes a point when you get sick of all your books, social media, who ever wrote This Morning and feeling like a sweaty sloth with a headache. You want to go back to school.

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