Sunday, 11 October 2015

You scrub up well

 Ever since I can remember, Snow Fairy has been my favourite scent of this time of year. I'm the worst at describing how things smell but it's a kind of sweet, sugary, candy floss cross vanilla like scent. The colour is this intense fuscia with tiny flecks of glitter which glisten in the water. The packaging is somewhat basic which is ironic for such a magical product but they change it every year. 
When I picked up the bottle yesterday the sales man and I, like we do, had a conversation about the product. He mentioned the fact the recipe has be altered slightly so the glitter wouldn't sink to the bottom. What made my laugh was that the base of the bottle was lined with glitter.  I decided to pair this with flamingo bubble bar to make a bath cocktail which resulted in a mass of magenta, shimmery bubbles. It was propa lush.

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