Sunday, 4 October 2015

In the Autumn..

Just in case any of you haven't noticed yet, I love Autumn. I love the crisp, spiced, Autumn air and long, cool walks. This has been a huge collaboration with some wonderful blogger friends and we have all posted something Autumn themed so make sure you check them all out.
Firstly, the thing that makes me marvel most about Autumn is the colour. Whether is be the leaves changing, the crunch beneath your feet or the picturesque, glistening sunsets, colour is everywhere. Orange, red, yellow, pink , black, magenta and brown, I can't think of any season with a more beautiful array of colour. Then there's fashion. Who doesn't love wrapping up all cozy in layers jumpers, scarves, parkas, black jeans and boots? Autumn is the season for cozy fashion and what's not to love about shopping for even more Autumn clothes?

Autumn is the time for so many events. There's nothing I love more than getting cozy with blankets and watching films or going to bonfires. Also Autumn is my birthday season as well as the run up to Christmas (although I'm not wishing this season away just yet). Finally, decorating is something I love to do around this season. My family go all out on Halloween with decorating the house (which I'm sure will be a future post) and my house always smells like a Yankee Candle shop in Autumn. Carving and finding the perfect pumpkin is my favourite part of halloween which is something I cannot wait for.

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