Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to Make Cake Pops

Happy August 1st!

I've been in County Durham all this week camping hence no new blog posts. I'm just going to quickly outline my week then I'll show you how to make these beauties!
So I arrived in the county on Saturday and left on Friday night. Throughout the week we did tomahawk throw (Darrel's request, you throw an axe into a tree basically), archery, pioneering, rifling, abseiling, climbing and toboggan run. On Wednesday we also went to Wet and Wild. Here is how I make cake pops:

You Will Need:

  1. Chocolate for melting - milk or dark;it's your call
  2.  Decorations to dip the cake pops in. I used dried raspberries and crushed up crunchie.
  3. A silicone cake pop mould. These can be bought from The Works and Amazon in varying sizes and prices.
  4. Basic cake mix (inc: butter and sugar,4 eggs,flour and vanilla essence/coco powder)
  5. Cake pop sticks which can also be bought from Amazon.

Stage 1: Preparing the Cake Mix

  1.   First preheat oven to 180°C/Gas Mark 4.
  2. Next you need to prepare your cake mix. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy (this should take around five minutes). Once creamed this is also the time to add vanilla essence. Then add the eggs, one at a time, mixing well in between. Add half the flour and continue to stir. Repeat with the remaining flour. Alternately you could buy premade cake mix.
  3. Then evenly distribute the mixture into your mould and cook for 35-45 mins, or until a cocktail stick inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.
  4. Leave to cool                                                    

Stage 2: Decorating and Finishing Touches

  1.    Now you need to melt your chocolate. You can do this over a hob or alternatively in the microwave.    
  2.  Insert a lolly pop stick into every cake pop using the melted chocolate to keep it in place. Then use the rest of the chocolate to dip the cake pop in, making sure the whole cake is completely covered and sealed. This will act as a glue to hold the decorations in place.
  3.  Before the chocolate sets, dip the cake pop into decorations or sprinkles. If you want, you can put the cake pops on a plate and wait for them to harden then drizzle with white chocolate.
  4. Leave on a plate or cake pop stand and wait for the chocolate to harden.
  5. TADA! Finished cake pops. That wasn't so hard was it? These cakes are great for parties and buffets as they are small and don't cause any washing up. Let me know what you thought of these in the comments.


  1. Mmm Marti these look so yummy. I may have to try them out :P