Wednesday, 3 June 2015

17 thoughts I have at the dentist

  1. This waiting room is like Gehenna
  2. Great, now you're late. It's not like I ran here or anything.
  3. Wow, you're not gonna need all that equipment are you?
  4. You've lost my file...that means I can go home right?
  5. Nope, you've found it. Great.
  6. How do you expect me to answer your questions with that drill in my mouth?
  7. There is only a certain amount of time I can keep my mouth open
  8. Now you've put that drill on my that even legal?
  9. This glue makes me gag
  10. Yes, I do floss everyday.
  11. Hehe, I can see up your nose.
  12. Wait, that's a bit gross.
  13. Now my nose itches. Stop.
  14. Right, so if you turn out to be a murderer, there is an emergency escape ladder there. Good to know.
  15. You've run out of paper towels, now what do I do?
  16. I can go home now? Thank you!
  17. Come back next month? Noooo!


  1. Haha this post was hilarious! I love your blog and its diverse posts x

    Check out my blog? Comment for comment?

    1. Thank you Hannah, this means a lot. Your blog just seems to grow and get better each post you do. xxx