Monday, 26 January 2015

Valentines Day

So it's less than three weeks till Valentines day, and you're super excited, right? No? You're dreading the day. Which ever, there are so many ways to enjoy (or just get through) this holiday. If you've got plans, make sure you have an amazing time, if not do some of the following :)
  1. Spend time with other friends without plans, go to the cinema, go swimming, go to Starbucks, whatever.
  2. Walk your dog
  3. Pet your cat
  4. Talk to your fish
  5. Binge watch your favorite series on Netflix/ Love film (Pretty Little Liars)
  6. Watch ALL your favorite YouTuber's old videos back to back
  7. Sleep
  8. Go shopping
  9. Have a sleepover
  10. Splurge on something you want, or treat yourself
  11. Volunteer somewhere and do something to help someone else
  12. If you have a special furry companion treat them to an outing
  13. Offer to babysit, so a couple can enjoy the night off
  14. Take photos and upload them to Instagram
  15. Send an anonymous gift or flowers to someone who’s having it rough.
  16. Social network.
  17. Buy yourself discount flowers and/or chocolate the next day :) 
  18. Pretend the whole holiday never happened and stay at home (hmm)

Have a great holiday :)

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