Friday, 20 April 2018

School isn't everything

We are not robots. Our sole purpose is not to churn out grades. 

There is so much pressure on us to do well at school. So much. I often find myself wondering why the system is still the way it is and why the education system leaves me feeling so unhappy. The truth is that we have so much more substance than numbers. Our value should not be purely based on our academic ability and we should be allowed to have a life outside of school. This is something that I have a huge opinion on. Teachers tell us that when exams roll around, we must drop any other activities. Friends of mine tell me that they're not starting a job, or starting something they love until after exams. It makes me feel so sad. 

If any other community, say the places I volunteer at, told me to drop all other activities so that I can focus solely on that, everyone would be outraged. School should be no different. I am motivated to do my best in my exams. I will revise and put every piece of effort I have into them, but I will not be asked to put them ahead of everything else. A sheet of paper with some letters and numbers on will not benefit me any more than expanding my faith will, than learning to be kinder to others will, than spending time with others will.

School, you have some thought to put into your system. How about we all take a GCSE in kindness, morality and communication huh? 

Not all of us were made to tell you how to use the cosine rule.

Lots of love,
Marti xxx

Friday, 13 April 2018

Staying Away


It's everywhere, whether that be in the form of tension, misunderstanding, or resentment; it can be really hard to avoid.
I thought I'd be ironic and use a picture from my drama group haha- digging the bear masks

It's something that, especially in the school environment, people seem to thrive off, and that they seemingly grow closer from. I'm writing this post because I really don't understand. It's at a point now where people will start telling me about their arguments and I will just cut them off. I'm not a savage- stay with me haha, I just can't bring myself to understand or want to be any part of it.

I think a lot of it comes down to perspective and morals. We all stand in different places when it comes to what we believe, and that is totally okay- beautiful in fact. I accept that arguments are sometimes unavoidable. I accept that if somebody hurts you, you're going to want to retaliate. What I don't understand is the need to purposely hurt other people. It's against everything that we're taught from a young age. We know in ourselves how painful it is to be treated badly; so why are we inflicting that pain on others?

I think that sometimes I distance myself too much from everything that's going on. I love people to pieces, which is why I can't bear to hurt or be hurt by them. Whenever tension arises, I back away. I feel like sometimes it distances my relationships with people because their arguments seem to bring them closer to people when they've made up. The flaw in this is that the cycle continues and more pain arises.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you beautiful people, and maybe learn a little more about why people crave drama so much. If you have any thoughts on the subject, please share them because I'd love to listen.

I found a YouTube video that reiterates what I'm saying in the context of faith. Maybe people fill their lives with drama because their craving something bigger...just a thought ;)

Lots of love,
Marti xxx

Friday, 6 April 2018

What I've Learnt this Easter

It's been awhile.

Where I live; we broke up for Easter last Thursday and are currently fishing the first week of the holidays. I planned a blog post for last week, but didn't feel like the post had enough umph. I was posting just for the sake of it, and that didn't feel right. So here I am, one week later, sharing with you what I've learnt through a week of beautiful chaos. Enjoy!

I started my Easter after work on Saturday night by going to my friend's confirmation. It was a beautiful service, and really brought the meaning of Easter to my heart. What I loved most was seeing the Cathedral full of people showing their support to friends and family confirming their faith.

We had a meal on Sunday with my family and visited the grandparents, which of course meant an egg hunt ;) I went to an evening service later, followed by deep meaningful chats over ice cream. You really do learn the most over ice cream ;)

In summary: I've learnt that it's the little things that matter most. We often measure life in years, when really it's measured in moments. 

Something to think about.
All my love,
Marti xxx

P.S. Meet Donovan!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Back to Basics

Today I decided to tell you a little too much about myself. Enjoy :)

I doodled this at drama, but I think it looks pretty sick

  1. I listen to my headphones way too loud
  2. I don't use Snapchat
  3. I keep the tea bag in my tea
  4. I always use long spoons
  5. I have a Blue Peter badge
  6. I wrote to the Queen when I was seven 
  7. I once dislocated my leg playing Wii bowling
  8. I've never lost a game of musical chairs
  9. I'm the second youngest
  10. My favourite ladybird book was The Gigantic Turnip
  11. I can make an origami T-Shirt
  12. I played laser tag this one time and failed miserably
  13. I've always had a pet
  14. I used to have nightmares about Homer Simpson
  15. I still sleepwalk sometimes
  16. My favourite food is sweetcorn
  17. I broke my first phone by sitting on it
  18. I've always wanted to be an agony aunt
  19. I have really random and vivid memories
  20. I've never dyed my hair
  21. I've always wanted to be angry enough for slam poetry
  22. My favourite childhood TV show was 6teen 
  23. My name backwards is Itram Gnillets
  24. I don't mind exams all that much
  25. I've surprised myself reading these back through :P
Lots of love,
Marti xxx

Friday, 9 March 2018

Where you go to school and why it doesn't matter

I'm trying not to get too passionate about this before I end up upsetting someone (it happens more than you'd think haha!)

I go to a northern state school. There are only two secondary schools where I live, one being a selective grammar school and the other being an academy. Some of my friends go to my school, some go to grammar school, others go to school outside of the city and some are moving from one to the other for sixth form. I think it's beautiful- the amount we learn from each other though our differences. Recently though, I've found this difference less attractive. 

I'm proud of my school. It's small, it can be very strict, and yes- the teachers have walkie talkies. Sometimes, it can feel a little like a prison. But do you know what? It's Ofsted Outstanding. We have some incredible teachers who will do everything they can to support you. We have trips abroad, performances and get praised for our achievements- just like any good school. 

I hear things like 'I always feel scared when people from the academy are walking towards me', 'no offence but I hate people at the academy', 'they're chavs' and 'that's good for the academy' way too much. It's pointless, because in the end, our exam results aren't going to differ all that much.

There's this stereotype that people who go to my school are stupid. Let me tell you this: two people who are on my table in maths are predicted a level 9. Another friend of mine continuously gets high marks in science mocks. I'm going to embarrass my sister now by saying that she left this school (before it even became an academy) with fourteen GCSE passes and four A Levels. A test you take at the end of primary school is the worst indication of intelligence I can imagine- especially knowing that lots of people have tutors to help them pass. I love being at a school where everyone is welcome and that's not something that's going to change.

Lots of love, 
Marti xxx
P.S. Happy 125th post!

Friday, 2 March 2018

The Balance

Bit of a different one today, but it's something that's been sitting in my mind for a long time.
The Girl on the Train and one of my sister's bookmarks- very necessary

Most of the time we can have either as much or as little going on in our lives as we like. Sometimes we're not so lucky and end up overloaded with responsibilities we wouldn't have chosen, and other times we're forced to stay put. Where do we find the balance?

It's a tricky one, and as my Physics teacher once said after giving us homework for over Christmas and instructing us to eat too many mince pies: "If you ever find the balance, write a book on it- you'll make millions!" Personally, I'm still trying to figure it out, but have found a few ways to not get too overloaded. 

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

An odd phrase I've never really understood, but one that I find necessary in most of day to day life. If you're always surrounded by the same people, the same values, the same cultures and the same beliefs- how are you going to learn and grow as an individual? As human beings, we're very susceptible of getting into a rut, which means we do the same things over and over again. Mix things up, say yes to new things! You'll be grateful for it.

Try not to let your mind dwell on things you can't control

It's easy to say yet tricky to act on. Say you got some results back for an exam and they're not as good as you'd hoped- this is not a reason to beat yourself up! Take this as an opportunity to improve and make amends. There are so many more important things than one mistake.

Schedule time for you!

It's easy to get wound up with commitments, projects and helping others, but if you're not leaving time to care for yourself it'll only make you poorly. Take time out, breathe and let yourself know what a good job you're doing. You've got this gurl!

I hope this helped, even just a little!
Lots of love, 
Marti xxx

Friday, 23 February 2018

What's new Scooby Doo?

Just a real quickie :)

 It's the first week back after half term, which has left me feeling very all over the place. We only have two weeks left till our next set of mocks, which is crazy because we've literally just had some! Today I went to sixth form for the day to see what it would be like, which is an hour away and is so big in comparison to my school! I met lots of people and managed to get very lost haha. I enjoyed the subjects, but I'm still not sure what option I'd make if I get the apprenticeship. There's an exchange programme for French which looks interesting, and the food was awesome.

snip, snip, snip!
Other than that: I've started uploading to Deviantart, which I reckon you should all check out ;) and had a haircut! I'm trying to will myself to read more, but it's not really happening. I've started on John Green's new book, and will *hopefully* do a review when I've finished.

What have you been upto?
Marti xxxx